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Rock Climbing Basics Part 2 – Gripping Technique

March 12, 2014 0

This is the second post in a three part series where I go back to…

Rock Climbing Basics Part 1 – Efficient Body Positioning

March 9, 2014 2

This is the first in a series of three posts where I’m going to go…

How Are Some Climbers Getting So Strong So Fast?

March 7, 2014 3

I live pretty close to an indoor gym and climb there regularly during the winter…

How To Prevent Finger Tendon Injuries

March 3, 2014 2

Not only are we climbers on a constant battle to make it to the top,…

My Fail Safe Finger Taping Technique For Flexor Tendon Pulley Injuries

February 27, 2014 6

Whether my finger is recovering from an injury or if it feels a bit tweaky,…

Techniques For Proper Breathing During Rock Climbing

February 19, 2014 2

Have you ever found yourself at the crux of a climb, pulling hard to stick…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Training For Climbing

February 12, 2014 2

Every climbers training regimen should focus simply on more climbing. I always say that climbing…