rock climbing gear listIt’s never a good feeling when your at the crag only to realize that you’ve forgotten something at home. Pretty annoying. In order to prevent you, as well as myself, from having to go through that, I’ve developed this comprehensive list of climbing gear and other important items that you may need for a day trip to the crag. Over are the days of uncertainty, just make a copy of this list, add any extra items you want and you’re good to go!

Personal Care

  • nail clippers
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellant
  • first aid kit
  • towel (to clean the bottom of your shoes and to clean your hands before and after eating)

Clothing & Accessories (Cold Temperatures)

  • hat
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • hand and feet warmers
  • boots
  • warm layers
  • thermal socks
  • portable heater
  • blanket

Clothing & Accessories (Hot Temperatures)

  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • flip flops
  • bathing suit
  • light layers


  • water or low sugar energy drink (hydration is very important for performance, if it’s very hot then it’s a good idea to bring a low sugar drink that contains electrolytes)
  • snacks (preferably ones that give you energy, like fruits and nuts)
  • lunch (nothing too heavy or too messy)

General Gear

  • climbing tape
  • chalk and chalk bag
  • climbing shoes
  • brush
  • back pack
  • head lamp

Bouldering Gear

  • bouldering pad/crash pad
  • tarp (good for when ground is wet)

Sport Climbing Gear

  • climbing harness
  • climbing rope
  • rope bag
  • belay device
  • belay glasses
  • stick clip
  • quick draws
  • carabiners
  • locking carabiners
  • bail carabiner (last resort when you can’t finish the climb and need to leave gear)
  • slings
  • tree protection
  • helmet


  • guidebook, map, and/or topo
  • cash (for parking, day pass, food, etc.)
  • collapsible water bowl for dog
  • cell phone
  • camera
  • swiss army knife

Am I missing anything? Let me know below and I’ll add it to the list!