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10 Ways to Climb Mentally Strong

September 29, 2016 2

Think for a second how much easier climbing would be if you had the mental…

Prevent Shoulder Injuries: Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises

June 8, 2016 9

It amazes me the amount of demand we, as climbers, put on our shoulders, seeing…

How to Stay Strong When You’re Not Climbing

February 11, 2016 0

Not having time to climb is frustrating. But, what’s arguably even worse, is not being…

Techniques For Proper Breathing During Rock Climbing

February 19, 2014 2

Have you ever found yourself at the crux of a climb, pulling hard to stick…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Training For Climbing

February 12, 2014 2

Every climbers training regimen should focus simply on more climbing. I always say that climbing…

Core Strengthening Yoga Poses for Rock Climbers

February 9, 2014 0

Having a strong core is on every climbers wish list. From the moment you step…