1. Sausage Fingers

It’s pretty common for climbers to have meaty fingers. Some meatier than others. Ladies are a bit more fortunate. Our fingers don’t get quite as meaty and I must admit that I love when I can fit 3 or 4 fingers in a pocket when my hubby can only fit two. šŸ˜‰

alex honnold hands

Photo From: http://www.benmoon.com/

2. All Chalked Up

I occasionally stop at the grocery store after a climbing session and I think it’s hilarious to see some of the looks I get when I’m covered in white powder that I can only hope people assume is chalk (can you imagine if they knew I was Colombian!? Hahaha…). But, what I love more is chalking up my hubby (as shown below) before going out into the public. He doesn’t find it as humorous as I do.

rock climbing chalk3. Topless With A Toque

This seems to be the fashion trend for the male climbing population, and more specifically boulderers. I can’t say I fully understand the purpose of it. Is it purely for fashion? To keep your hair out of your face? To regulate body temperature? I don’t know! If you fall in this category please enlighten me in the comments below.

daniel woods

Photo From: http://thecircuitclimbing.wordpress.com/

4. Wearing Manpris/Rolled Up Pants

Manpris are a staple item for male climbers. To this day I can confidently say that I’ve only seen climbers able to successfully rock the manpris.

rock clibing manpris5. Grabbing Objects Likes Climbing Holds

Obsessed climbers (which the majority of us are) see the world as a climbing playground. We put our hands on and test any object that has the potential of feeling like a wicked hold. Door frames, brick walls, poles, and beams to name a few. You know you’ve done it…

rock climbing door frame6. Wearing A Belt Made Out Of A Rope Or Sling

Whether it’s a deep love for our gear or the fact that we are ingeniously resourceful, climbers never let gear go to waste.

climbing sling belt7. Popeye Forearms

I once measured my hubby’s forearms and they where actually bigger than his biceps! Although that’s not the case anymore, it’s no surprise that our forearms can get a bit out of proportion since we rely on these muscles so much.

climbing forearms

Photo From: http://www.gifwave.com/

8. Broad Backed

So, in addition to disproportionate forearms, climbers also have especially broad backs. Fitted clothing can be tough to squeeze into sometimes, but that’s hardly a sacrifice. Besides, who doesn’t love the feeling of being able to explode through your shirt like The Hulk?


Photo From: http://thisisnottexas.com

9. Slacklining In The Park

Whether we are on a rest day or just playing around outside, slacking lining is a favorite pastime for many climbers. It’s just another way that we can continue to challenge ourselves both mentally and physically.


Photo From: http://photoblog.statesman.com/

10. Wearing A Miguels Pizza T-Shirt

If you’ve ever hit up The Red, you’ve probably also hung out at Miguels Pizza. Only few climbers have been to Miguels and left without a shirt. It’s just a must.

miguels pizza t-shirt

Photo From: http://treasuresofappalachiarevealed.wordpress.com/


Can you think of any more? Share your thoughts below!