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6 Week Move Better, Feel Better Challenge

In this 6 week challenge, you’ll improve the flexibility and strength of your hips and shoulders and experience a positive change in how you move, feel, and execute daily and athletic tasks. 

Together we’ll:

  • Establish a joint maintenance routine that you can do daily to promote joint health and range of motion maintenance
  • Get clear on your vision and ultimate goals
  • Reduce hip and shoulder stiffness so you can feel more open and free to move
  • Begin building strength at your end ranges and improving your ability to control end range movements
  • Improve your mindset by addressing limiting thoughts and learning strategies that boost confidence

You’ll complete this challenge feeling more mobile, more confident in your movement potential, and empowered and motivated to fight for your athletic and mobility goals. 

This is for you if: 

  • You’re tired of feeling stiff and achy,
  • Frustrated with how your hips and shoulders move and feel,
  • Feel like the state of your hips and shoulders are limiting your athletic performance, or 
  • You want support and accountability in establishing a consistent mobility practice

Investment: $797

Enrolment: Enrolment for the 6 Week Move Better, Feel Better Challenge is currently closed. The next enrolment period is set to open in early 2021.

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