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I had the pleasure of doing a mini interview with professional climber Paul Robinson. I’ve been inspired by his climbing for some time now and was thrilled at the opportunity to ask him some questions. In the interview below Paul allows us to get to know him a bit better and reminds us that with just a bit of work, determination, and a positive mindset, anything is possible.

Who or what inspires and motivates you the most to keep pushing your limits?

My dad always has and always will be my biggest inspiration. He supported my climbing every step of the way while growing up. He did so while fighting cancer and being sick all the time. He would never give up and never let anything get him down. I try to live the same way as he did.

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How did you first get into climbing?

I went to a birthday party of my friends when I was younger at the local climbing gym. I fell in love with the sport soon after and I have been climbing ever since.

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What does a day in the life of Paul Robinson look like?

Wake up around 9:00 or 9:30. Get on my computer for a little bit and then have some breakfast. I usually try to be out of the house by 113:0 and on my way to the boulders. I climb until it gets dark, hike out with a headlamp on, drive home, eat some dinner, and watch a movie and pass out! Pretty simple but I enjoy it šŸ™‚

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What are your favorite spots in the world for bouldering and sport climbing? Why?

My favorite spots in the world for bouldering are probably Fontainebleau in France and The Grampians in Australia. I love sandstone, so basically anywhere with really good sandstone I am going to love (South Africa, Joe’s Valley, etc). Since I really have not done too much sport climbing outside, my scope is pretty limited. I do however love the climbing in Rumney! The rock there is incredible!

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What was the longest project you’ve ever had?

The longest project I have ever had is the one I am currently working on, Hypnotized Minds in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have probably put about 15 days into the line and still have not been able to finish it up. Hopefully this fall šŸ™‚

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What was your most memorable send?

There have been so many moments in my climbing that I will never forget. The one that comes to mind is kind of a cool full circle story. It is nowhere near the hardest thing I have ever done but up there with being most memorable. Total Eclipse 8a+ in Font.

When I was young I would watch climbing films basically everyday. Haha! I would sit on the floor in front of the TV mesmerized. In one of the early dosages Dave climbs Total Eclipse. This boulder amazed me. I wanted to go there one day and do this climb. At the time it felt so far fetched. I was maybe 13 or 14 years old and had no clue how I was ever going to get to France let alone be strong enough to do something like this. However as the stars did align I eventually made it to Font and climbed this boulder.

I tried it one day with lots of people at the boulder and got close but was not able to finish it up. A few days later I returned by myself with just one pad. I walked out there set my pad down and began trying again. I felt close and knew I could do it. As I was about to start from the bottom 2 French climbers showed up and asked if I needed a spot. I said yes and began climbing. It was like out of a dream. I climbed the boulder perfectly and topping it out was just such a triumphant feel. Yes it is not an 8c, but to be honest, it really encapsulated my entire climbing career into one single moment on the rock.

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Do you have any pre-send rituals or superstitions? If not, how do you prep for a project send?

No not particularly. I more or less just think about the moves a lot. If I am projecting something for multiple days then I am always thinking about the line. But when I am under the climb, I just try to stay calm and climb each move at a time, not worrying myself about the moves ahead.

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What was your scariest climb? Why?

Nothing really in particular comes to mind. I have put myself in situations where I definitely did not feel comfortable. Anytime you are high up off the ground and you know down climbing is not an option it gets real.

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What is your favorite thing to do on your rest days?

Go surfing if I am on a trip where that is even possible. If not, watch movies, explore for boulders, and just let my skin and body recover so I can climb again!

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Name one thing about you that few people know (like a pet peeve, bad habit, or guilty pleasure).

I am an Instagram addict. Haha! (Follow Paul on his adventures on Instagram @paulrobinson87)

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Thanks Paul for the interview! YOU ROCK! šŸ™‚