So I found another gem.

I’m always on the lookout for companies that care for their products as much as they do for this beautiful world we’ve been given.

KJ Bags 4This time I stumbled upon Kendal Jackson Bags. A small, family based company that is devoted to creating quality and durable chalk bags with style and personality to suit any climber.

But, here’s my favorite part…

This small company is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility! They up-cycle high-quality scrap fabrics from upholsterers, seamstresses, and sailing shops and transform them into those handy chalk bags you know and love. So, not only do they rescue unwanted fabrics to create creatively designed chalk bags, but they also prevent these quality fabrics from making their way to landfills. What a waste it is to just throw away perfectly good fabric!

Thank you KJ Bags for taking part in stopping that kind of madness!

So, after stumbling on this awesome company, KJ Bags generously offered to send me a bag so I could test one out first hand! After asking me what colors and themes I liked ( lime green and nature…I know, shocking.. šŸ˜‰ ) they created this gorgeous bag for me.

KJ Bags 5You can tell right away that the quality is incredible. It passed my quick 3-point inspection. Brush loop, check! Durable drawstring with reliable and easy closure, check! Can comfortably fit my hand with some loose chalk and a couple chalk balls, check!

Plus, IT”S SO PRETTY! Check, check, check!

I think chalk bags are a really fun way to show a splash of your personality and KJ Bags are the right people to help you do just that. They have a bunch of really awesome chalk bags in their store with cool fabrics and patterns for everyone. Or, if you want something a little more personal or unique, they also happily fill custom orders.

KJ Bags 1Oh, and they also make other kinds of bags too! Like chalk buckets, messenger bags, shoulder bags, and wristlets!

KJ Bags 2So, if you’re in need of a new bag, why not get one that you really love that also helps reduce our environmental impact?

Support KJ Bags with me! We need more companies like them around!