small group yoga sessions

Private Yoga Sessions: Small Groups

Small group instruction is ideal for athletes who want to capitalize on the benefits of tailored yoga sessions alongside their teammate(s) or training partner(s). Private yoga classes for small groups is limited to a maximum of 4 athletes who are ideally all working towards a common goal or involved in the same (or similar) sport.

Cristina will begin by conducting a group assessment. This involves evaluating the athletes as a whole to determine strengths, weaknesses, movement patterns, injuries, mental state, and ultimate goals. From the assessment Cristina will develop a tailored yoga for athletes program that will address the needs of your group. The program will mainly focus on addressing the impacts of repetitive movements, promoting mental strength, and bringing your group closer towards achieving their goals.

Enjoy the collaborative environment of this small group setting and the accountability, bonding and motivation you’ll experience as a result.

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