team yoga sessions

Private Yoga Sessions: Teams

Team yoga instruction is an excellent way to deepen the bonds between the players of your team while also improving overall physical and mental performance. Convenient on-site instruction with customized yoga for athletes classes is a great way to help fulfill the needs of the team. This makes it easy to incorporate yoga into the teams athletic training and schedule.

Customized team yoga programs are developed after a thorough assessment of the team. The assessment can include input from coaches, trainers, and any other personnel identified as beneficial to include in the process.

The assessment will provide important information relative to the state of the team including:

  • current/past/recurring injuries
  • areas of strength/tightness
  • mental strength
  • movement and compensation patterns
  • goals
  • …and much more!

Cristina’s attentiveness, passion, knowledge and experience in competitive sports results in an environment that athletes feel comfortable in. Ultimately, this allows them to fully enjoy yoga for athletes and experience the performance benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

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