It makes me really happy when I stumble across companies that not only produce great products but that are also environmentally responsible. Is it weird that it gives me a bit of a high? Like mother nature is giving me brownie points for finding such a gem.

Anyways, the latest find is practical climbing. A small company,Ā  started by Tammy Opalka, based out of the USA that specializes in creating super cool, unique and environmentally responsible chalk bags. All of their products are made on home soil and most of the materials used are reclaimed or recycled. Kudos practical climbing šŸ™‚

practical climbingSo, naturally, after discovering this little gem I contacted them and they generously donated some of their awesome gear.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of their chalk bags. Well made and super durable. They look like they can take a good beating so they’ll for sure stay with you through thick and thin.

practical climbing 2The bag featured above is made of reclaimed wool and hemp that was once on it’s way to the dumpster before Tammy came in and rescued it. The size is perfect. I sometimes find chalk bags too small, which can be especially irritating when you need a quick chalk up and don’t have the time to fiddle around with it behind your back. This chalk bag can comfortably fit my whole hand and I also love that it’s nice and sturdy and doesn’t collapse in on itself.

practical climbing 3The fleece lining is also recycled and oh so soft! It makes a great counter to shredding your skin all day. You quickly forget about the state of your skin as you chalk up in the cozy little pocket, until you make contact with the rock again that is, and the pain comes rushing back. But, we’ve only got ourselves to blame for that. šŸ˜‰

So practical hit the nail on the head by successfully constructing a durable chalk bag whilst keeping the environment in mind, but the final test for me that determines whether it is a pass or fail is the drawstring closure. After having chalk bags and buckets that don’t don’t seal properly and leave a mess of chalk everywhere, one of the first things I check now is how well it seals. The practical chalk bags get an A!

practical climbing 4The draw string is durable (I admit I’ve broken a few in my time) and seals perfectly with minimal effort compared to some of my other more stubborn bags. Plus, I’d also like to note that it opens very easily as well. I sometimes have the habit of starting a climb without opening my chalk bag before hand and get rejected when I go for that first chalk up. So, quick and easy access can be key in those situations if you’re as spaced out as I occasionally am at the beginning of a climb.

These practical bags also have a great stretchy brush loop that can easily hold my thickest brush, some have an optional zipper pocket for your rings and keys, and the belts that you can get as an extra are made out of webbing, which I love, because it doesn’t slip like some other materials do as you climb.

practical climbing 5So, yes, practical chalk bags get two big thumbs up from me. The quality is excellent and to top it off their prices are beyond reasonable. They make a variety of kids and adult chalk bags as well as chalk buckets that range from $16 to $30. That’s on par (or even cheaper) with many other companies, except with practical you know you’re doing your part to help reclaim and recycle materials that otherwise could be heading right to the dumpster.

Plus, the use of all types of reclaimed materials like hemp, sari, and wool result in really eye catching and unique looking bags if you’re in to adding a bit of personality to your collection of climbing gear.

Practical climbing 6But you can even take it a step further!

Practical offers customizable bags so you can your own unique one a kind bag. They’ll even take your own recycled materials and turn it into a chalk bag for you. So you can recycle your favorite climbing pants (you know, the ones with all the holes?) and let it’s soul live on as your new super rad chalk bag. šŸ™‚ Now that’s pretty cool.

Bravo practical climbing. I’m hooked. Shop for your own unique bag here!