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Let’s get you moving better and feeling better.

Are you starting to feel the impacts of life and your sport on your body? Do you desire to feel more resilient, balanced, strong, and free in the way your body moves and feels?

As a passionate athlete with ambitious goals, the last thing you want is for your body to feel worn, achy,  stiff, injury prone or like you’re consistently performing below your true potential. 

If you have a strong desire to feel more flexible, resilient and in control of the way your body moves, then my Yoga Inspired Mobility (YIM) programs may be the solution for you.

My programs are designed to get you moving with more freedom, strength and ease so you can stop feeling frustrated with your performance, stop being limited by low confidence, and stop sustaining so many injuries. 

You know you have more potential, and I know too.

Together, we will actively work towards your goals. 

What you’ll need

The movement practices I create as part of my classes and programs are intentionally designed to be as simple as possible for you to integrate into your schedule. I want to set you up for success from the start.

They require:

  • Limited space
  • Little to no equipment
  • Reasonable time investment

To be more specific, having enough space for padded mat (like a yoga mat) will do, any additional equipment that is used is either optional or can likely be found around your house (listed below), and class lengths are typically around the 30 minute mark (range from 15-45+ min).

Here’s a list of equipment/props that are most commonly used:

  • A padded mat
  • Yoga blocks
  • A strap, towel, belt (or similar)
  • Massage balls, tennis balls (or similar)
  • A stick (like a broomstick)
  • A wall

How to get started

If you’re interested in my online classes click here for more information and to apply to become a founding member and receive a lifetime founding members discount.

If you’re interested in my coaching programs or tailored programs it starts by scheduling a discovery call with me. On the call we’ll get clear on your vision and goals and chat to make sure we’re the right fit.

I’m passionate about what I do and am prepared to fully support, motivate, and work with you to bring you closer towards your vision and goals.

By working with me you can expect me to keep you on track with your goals and hold you accountable to achieving the results you’re looking for. 

Are you interested in working with me? I’d love to be on your team!

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