Props: 1 block (optional)

This 40 minute full body practice focuses on creating strength in the main areas of the body. We’ll be flowing with our breath as we move through poses that strengthen the ankles, quads, hamstrings, hips flexors, glutes, core, shoulders, biceps and triceps, while also challenging our stamina, balance and sense of proprioception.

This style of practice works great as a means to maintain general full body strength during times when the intensity of your sport-specific training is low. It can fit in nicely during your off season when you’re taking a break from your sport and don’t want to experience significant reduction in strength or it can even fit in nicely when you’re in the height of your training but craving to add some variety to your typical strength training regimen.

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These yoga practices are designed to fit into wherever you currently are in your training cycle. Whether you need to maintain strength during your off season, or maintain mobility as your sport specific training increases, or improve focus and mental resilience as you dive into your competitive season, you can achieve it with these yoga practices.

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