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Yoga has been proven to enhance athletic performance.

Pushing your limits and achieving new personal bests in the world of athletics is exhilarating, but unfortunately, it takes it’s toll on your body and mind.

The physical and mental demands of being an athlete, whether a weekend warrior or professional athlete, take you out of balance and lead to things like burn out or injury.

Yoga is a great way to address the impacts of sports by building strength in under-utilized areas, releasing tension in over-utilized areas, and promoting mental focus, relaxation and resilience.

Some more of the many benefits include:

  • improved strength, power and mobility
  • efficiency in movement
  • enhanced recovery
  • injury prevention


Yoga Videos for Athletes

Yoga practices tailored to address your athletic needs. Practices are designed to reduce the impact of repetitive movements, reduce the stress of training and competitions, and bring overall balance to your mind and body.

Improve Your Performance

Choose practices that complement where you are in your training cycle (ex. off season, on season, preparing for a competition, hard training days, easy training days, rest days, etc.)

Try It Risk Free

Try it risk free for 7 days. If you’re not satisfied with the yoga practices, just cancel your subscription within 7 days and you won’t get charged.

Multiple Filters

Easily choose practices that cater to your current training and athletic needs. Find your perfect practice by narrowing your search using filters for target area, practice length, sport, and practice type.

Develop a Regular Practice

Easily maintain a consistent practice with classes that can fit into any schedule. Only have 5 minutes in a locker room before a big game with no yoga gear in site? No problem.

Access On All Devices

Practice on any device with an available internet connection. Simply sign into your account on your laptop, tablet or mobile, choose a practice and press play!

Elevate your game and focus with yoga for athletes.

With a subscription you get unlimited access to all the yoga videos so you can start positioning yourself for better performance.

By strategically choosing a yoga practice that complements the intensity of your sports-specific training you can enhance your athletic ability.

Since yoga is such an incredible way to restore balance from the physical and mental demands of sport, it can help maintain the health of your body, allowing you to participate in your sport much longer.

Experience the difference with a body and mind that have been optimized for performance. Enjoy reaching new levels, moving with more freedom and power, and conquering every crux!


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