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One-on-one yoga instruction is an effective way to address your specific goals and needs. Cristina will take you through a thorough individual assessment and create a tailored yoga program that will optimize your body and mind for performance and help you get the most out of your training.

Small Groups

Small group instruction is a collaborative way to work towards a common goal alongside your teammate(s) or training partner(s). Cristina will complete a group assessment to gain a good understanding of the group as a whole and develop a yoga program that will address the specific goals of the group.


Team yoga instruction serves as an excellent compliment to a teams training regimen. Cristina will develop a yoga program that aligns with the needs and goals of the team. Teams will notice improved stability, mobility, mental resilience and a reduction in the occurrence of injuries.

Prevent wear and tear on your body by
minimizing the adverse effects of repetitive movements.

a little about me

Cristina is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor with an additional certification in Yoga for Athletes through Sage Rountree; a leading international authority in yoga for athletes. 

Cristina has a deep appreciation of sports and athletic dedication. Growing up as an athlete she experienced first hand the result of determination, passion, and sacrifice. Cristina believes that mental resilience, freedom of movement, and overall strength are the keys to unlocking athletic potential when combined with sports specific training. She also strongly believes in taking a holistic approach to achieve enhanced performance. A holistic approach recognizes that true improvement relies on the athlete, as a whole, not just the amount of hours accumulated in sports specific training and practice. 

Cristina’s teaching style is very inviting, attentive, and encouraging. Her diverse background in sport provides her with a deep understanding of an athletes body, as well as an understanding of their competitive urges.

Restore balance and reduce your risk of injury.

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