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Cristina Lizarazo is a Yoga and Mobility Coach with a deep appreciation of sports and athletic dedication. Growing up as an athlete she experienced first hand the result of determination, passion, and sacrifice. However, it wasn’t until years later that she realized the importance of mobility, joint health, and mindset and how it enhances athletic potential, performance and the way you move and feel in general. Cristina is fascinated by athletes’ drive to challenge their limits and understands that yoga and mobility training is a valuable tool that athletes can use on their journey towards athletic success. 

Cristina’s Yoga Inspired Mobility (YIM) classes help build physical and mental resilience, freedom of movement, and overall strength and control. Cristina believes that these are the keys to improving an athletes performance when combined with sports specific training. Her goal is to help reduce an athletes feeling of stiffness, pain, and low confidence by showing them how to build bodies that feel better, move better, and perform better so they can confidently pursue their wildest dreams.

As a Yoga and Mobility Coach, Cristina strives to motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves and go ALL IN on their goals. By continuously working to create a movement practice that is fun, effective, and easy to commit to, Cristinas vision is that the combination of her YIM classes and coaching will be the catalyst for your future successes. 

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Cristinas coaching style is very inviting, attentive, and encouraging. Her diverse background in sport provides her with a deep understanding of the demands and impacts on an athletes body. This allows Cristina to guide her clients in a way that is safe, yet challenging and effective. Her kind and encouraging presence is critical in helping athletes work safely around their limits, especially if they are accustomed to pushing and training harder. 

Cristina is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor with an additional certification in Yoga for Athletes through Sage Rountree; a leading international authority in yoga for athletes. Cristina is also a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms). Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system of mobility and joint control training used by many sports organizations and athletes across the globe.

Although Cristina holds a love of all sports, she has personal experience in figure skating, synchronized skating, swimming, diving, gymnastics, field hockey, snowboarding, volleyball, softball, tennis, running, and rock climbing.

Cristina is a Yoga and Mobility Coach located in the Greater Toronto Area. She offers online classes, coaching programs, and tailored programs (private, small groups, and teams). Her mission is to help mindful athletes, from weekend warriors to professional athletes, move and feel better so they can access their true athletic potential!

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