Private Yoga Instruction

Whether in the comfort of your home or Cristina’s home studio, one-on-one yoga instruction is an excellent opportunity to receive personalized guidance that is tailored specifically for your unique body and needs.

Through a thorough assessment, Cristina will gain a good understanding of the specific movements you perform in your sport and the resulting impacts they have had on your body. Specifically, Cristina will develop a tailored practice for you that promotes overall balance in your body. Areas with excessive tension will be addressed and underdeveloped / underused muscles will be strengthened, all of which will enhance your ability to move with more power, strength, ease, and efficiency in a body that is less susceptible to withstanding injuries.

Let’s not forget the mind!

Cristina understands the mental stress that the mind endures when involved in sports. Seeing as our bodies are controlled by our minds, Cristina strongly believes that the mind is the key to unlocking your true athletic potential. Building mental resilience and focus are essential components that are built into your personalized yoga program.


  • 60 minutes:     $100 CAD
  • 75 minutes:     $125 CAD
  • 90 minutes:     $150 CAD

Additional travel fees may apply. Yoga mat and props can be provided if required.

Inquires + Bookings

For inquires or bookings please submit the form below or contact me via email.