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Hey there crux crusher!

I’m Cristina, your right hand woman to conquering the crux and unlocking your athletic potential!

I want you to feel physically strong and mentally strong with a body and mind that are optimized for performance.

As a passionate rock climber the term ‘crux’ comes up often. Known as the most difficult part of a climb, the crux is something I frequently battle with whenever I squeeze into my climbing shoes and put finger to rock.

Stepping outside the climbing world, the term ‘crux’ essentially follows the same definition, a particular point of difficulty.

Let’s face it, if you’re trying to push your limits as an athlete, then it’s inevitable that you’ll come face to face with  many cruxes. And for good reason, because without a crux to battle and conquer, are you really pushing yourself to the next level?

It’s time to start looking at the bigger picture. Sure, sports specific training and practice are absolutely necessary for your body to nail down precise movements and technique, but if you really want to unlock your potential then it’s time to take a more holistic approach.

What’s that mean?

A holistic approach recognizes that true improvement relies on you, the athlete, as a whole, not just the amount of hours you’ve accumulated in sports specific training and practice. Physical strength, mental strength, and a body and mind that are optimized for performance are all pieces that are interconnected and necessary to truly realize your ultimate athletic goals.

As certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) with a specialization in working with athletes, as well as a certified Holistic Sports Nutrition Specialist, and a lover of sports (especially rock climbing!), I’ve experienced first hand the positive effects that yoga and proper nutrition can have on health, performance, mindset, and staying injury free.

By supplementing your training with yoga that is specifically designed for athletes, sports nutrition, and mental strength exercises, you are putting your body and mind in the best possible position to excel. Whether your desire is to become faster, stronger, stay injury free, or become better in whichever way you wish to define it, then this holistic approach is the way.

Climb & Conquer!